"Mindfulness has taken me on a journey I never expected to go on, I was able to practise relaxation & mindfulness, But I can!"

"The subjects are fabulous and so important to leading a happy life.""

"Some of the subjects are difficult. Even although its hard, its worth sticking with it, I had many light bulb moments & the rewards are priceless."


"Even although this is the first time I have attended anything like this, I feel I am managing to cope better & motivate myself, I loved it.!

"This course had made me realise, I am not alone in this struggle."

"The size of the group was ideal, Any bigger & it could feel to much, it allowed us to be open & discuss more."


"Its great that we get a lovely Anam Cara folder with all the techniques, I also liked the permission slips, they remind me to be kind to myself."

"This is better than any tablet from a GP, I Hope they send lots of woman to Anam Cara."

"I love the humour that runs through the course, Laughter often helps relive stress & the ladies like to bring laughter in when appropriate."